ABC™ practitioners believe your body compensates for injuries throughout the course of your life. As the impact of this compensation accrues over time, your body becomes less able to correct itself.

The ABC™ therapy works through your body’s history of trauma, unwinding your body back through problem areas where the damage is stored and unlocking each area of tension and injury until it is completely erased.


People under Chiropractic care use 53% less drugs.

How does it work?

Our ABC™ Chiropractors will adjust your spine using a series of stretches to release the Meningeal adhesions.

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These adhesions hold the trauma history and control postural memory. The stretches, which can be quite intense, are applied while you’re sitting or lying on your back. The treatments gradually unwind your body to erase old injuries and trauma from your body’s structures. We recommend patients come in for at least two treatments per week for at least six weeks in the first period of care to experience the most beneficial structural and postural changes.

What are the outcomes?

The end goal of the ABC™ treatments is to remove mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular and tissue structures, returning your body to its natural posture.

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Successful treatment will balance your body, improve your posture, and reduce or get rid of your pain. It will also provide your body with a greater capacity for self-correction when injury and other issues arise.




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The Benefits of ABC™

If posture, structure, breathing well, clarity, vibrant health, keeping young, performance, wellness or simply rapid symptomatic relief are among the priorities in your life, you need to know ABC™!

Case study photographs are taken in ‘postural neutral’. Patient instructions before and after treatment are asked to ‘breath-in, breath-out, relax and let their body slump’.


















Pregnancy can cause spinal and pelvic changes especially in the 3rd trimester. Changes such as an anterior pelvic tilt which predispose the mother to low back pain may not recover after birth. The best time for treatment is soon after delivery, however ABC™ remains effective years later. Subiaco Chiropractic can also advise on feeding posture and lifting techniques to help you avoid postural problems at this time.

ABC™ is very safe for children. It can help prevent growing pains and long-term postural problems. It can also help correct familial postural traits such as stooping, sway back formations, rounded shoulders, forward head syndromes, limps and fallen arches. These are best addressed at an early age when the spine is more easily corrected.

For most people, aging brings some degree of postural degeneration. By taking preventative measures with ABC™, postural and degenerative conditions can be de-stressed before they become pathological. Keeping upright posture and stable strong legs is key to ensuring longevity.

Your best performance requires postural stability. ABC™ provides structural balancing that ensures muscle contraction, flexibility and relaxation occur in harmony through the body. This gives you the most effective framework for muscle function and injury resilience.

The key to resolving head and neck pain is finding the cause of the problem. Local or meningeal tension can transfer lower back or pelvis twist into head and neck tension. This can be successfully treated through ABC™. See also Acupuncture.

The cause of pain is not necessarily where the symptoms occur. For instance, cranial meningeal tension can lead to leg pain that won’t respond to lower back manipulation. ABC™ can help find and address the cause of backache and sciatica.

The body works as a single synchronous functioning unit. A soft tissue injury is likely to be related to skeletal postural misalignment. ABC™ treats the whole body to provide holistic muscular, skeletal and neurological balance. It can treat recurrent injuries such as hamstring, groin, calf and rotator cuff strains by decreasing tension in overactive muscles and activating under active ones. See also Acupuncture.

A functional short leg can be cause by a twisted pelvis, or meningeal tension can cause a twist anywhere in the spine resulting in the body compensating with a short leg. ABC™ can undo the meningeal adhesion, taking away the primary pathology so the body does not need to compensate.

When a problem arises in the body, other parts compensate. This often results in meningeal tension and adhesions. ABC™ takes into account both the position of the vertebrae and the twist that is held by the meninges. By working on these internal adhesions, it helps straighten the body and decrease the scoliosis curve.

When the expansion of your ribs is limited, you end up with less air in every breath and less blood oxygen. The ribs are significantly influenced by the position of the vertebrae in the lower and upper back. ABC™ treatment is able to increase chest volume by changing your body’s mechanics to allow it to work in the most effective way.

Posture is a primary focus of ABC™. Bad posture results from displacement of the vertebrae caused by normal slips, falls, incorrect lifting and work posture. It may seem that muscles are the main reason for bad postures; however muscles are shortened or lengthened due to the bony displacement. Stretching or strengthening of muscles only makes a person feel looser. ABC™ treatment works to change posture permanently.

Knee symptoms are most often compensatory when assessed using the ABC™ protocol. Incorrect knee tracking can come from your ankles and feet or from spinal or pelvic twists that push the alignment of the off centre and therefore pain sensitive.

When the body is misaligned, tension is created in specific parts of the body. Prolonged pressure on a single disc causes the disc to lose its shock absorbency. When the body is properly aligned after ABC™ treatments, pressure becomes evenly distributed.

Headaches can be cause by bony displacements, which result in improper activation of muscles, or trauma which scars the meningeal and causes tension. ABC™ releases the scar tissue thereby decreasing meningeal tension and realigning displaced bones.

Meningeal tension results in a dysfunctional nervous system, which can cause dizziness, fuzziness and difficulty in focusing. The ABC™ treatment releases the tension and thus decreases these symptoms.

Rounding of the shoulders creates problems such as bicep tendonitis, frozen shoulders and muscle aches. The ABC™ treatment addresses this dysfunction mechanic, decreasing the appearance of rounded shoulders and the resulting symptoms.

Restless leg is a neurological disorder. The nerves in the legs originate from the lower back through a very small canal. Any small bony displacement of the vertebrae creates tension on the nerves. Also, when the meningeal that surrounds the spinal cord is in tension, it causes disruption to the nervous system. ABC™ treatments untuck the meningeal adhesions and align the body with adjustments unique to ABC™.

A small change in the foot mechanics causes issues not only in the foot but anything above it. The ABC™ treatment realigns the body with adjustments from a whole body twist to a toe alignment.

Can I help make the ABC™ treatments more effective?

There are simple ways for you to facilitate your ABC™ treatments.

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Read our guides on SleepingStanding and Sitting to learn how to prevent unnecessary pressure on your body.

In some circumstances, a holistic approach is recommended. We believe that combining traditional Acupuncture with the ABC™ treatments can help correct certain internal and emotional imbalances.

Can ABC™ help everyone?

There are some structural problems that are potentially beyond the full unwinding process; for example…

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severe intervertebral disc injuries and severe degenerative problems.

Nevertheless, posture correction can help reduce stress on these injury sites.
Unwinding treatment is a long-term cure. Sometimes, addressing pain and nerve compression is more important than unwinding in the short term. We assess your needs and discuss your treatment options to ensure you get the very best care for your needs.

LINK: Download the ABC™ Factsheet
LINK: Download the brief overview of ABC™ history & treatments

The history of Advanced Bio-Structural Correction

ABC™ was founded by American Chiropractor, Jesse Jutkowitz. Frustrated with the lack of long-term…

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corrective Chiropractic treatment, he drew upon his structural engineering background as well as Neuro Scientific research by Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, Dr. Alf Brieg to develop the ABC™ protocol.
This treatment centres on the idea that accrued injuries build up over time until they exceed the body’s ability to compensate. The body must ‘unwind’ through these past injuries to be free from structural problems. As Jesse explains “People treated with this technique found they were able to stand up straighter, breathe easier, be free of pain and sleep better once their body was correctly aligned.” He now travels the world to teach chiropractors how to correctly align the body through the ABC™ protocol.

Overview of ABC™ Treatments

Patients often come to us with recurrent problems that are only temporarily eased by conventional treatment…

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Our ABC™ practitioners are able to diagnose the accrued injuries that are preventing your body from correcting itself.
We then work on your feet, knees, hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders to relieve pressure from symptomatic areas of your body. The ABC™ treatment unwinds your accrued injuries to place the body within its natural alignment and enable it to heal itself again.
It is difficult to predict the amount of unwinding that each individual needs, however most people find significant improvement in the early stages of their treatments. We also give you postural advice regarding correct sleeping, sitting and standing to ensure any ongoing ergonomic mechanical stress is

ABC™ Endo-Nasal Cranial Correction

What is Endo-Nasal Cranial Correction?

Who can benefit from it?

Which conditions can it treat?

When the bones of your cranium aren’t correctly aligned, it can affect your whole body. Endo-NasalCranial Correction helps the cranium to unwind and heal. Balloons (Finger Cots) are inserted through the nostril into one of the six nasal conchae, depending upon which is appropriate for you. As the balloon is inflated it presses against the sphenoid bone and skull, gently moving them into position.

Our team can discuss whether Endo-Nasal Cranial Correction is right for your needs. It can be performed with or without the ABC™ protocol. Anyone from children to older patients can benefit from Endo-Nasal Cranial Correction. However there are contraindications for people with cancer, infections, and cranial fractures and the like.

ABC™ Endo-Nasal Correction can help with the following conditions: Breathing disorder, autism, depression, ear infection, headaches, lymphatic circulation, TMJ dysfunctions, stress and bruxism, structural problems, sinusitis, sleep apnoea, snoring, sinus disorders, vertigo and other balance problems.