Advanced Bio-Structural Correction (ABC™) fees

The initial consultation takes approximately 60-minutes and encompasses the below.

Completion of current and past, Medical History Form and a discussion with one of our specialists regarding your presenting complaint and past history.

ABC™ treatment explanation and demonstration, assessment of X-Rays (if provided), general assessments including height, balance, posture (inc. photos), range of motion and orthopaedic tests.

Student and pensioners $85.00

Gradual improvements in your bodily function will occur to all old injury and compensation sites. This can require ABC™ Progressive care – On-going, unwinding treatments over a 12-24 month period, twice weekly, depending on your age and history of trauma.

Remember it’s taken a long time, to get where you are today. If you have experienced previous injuries in some part of your body then it is most likely that you will experience some kind of discomfort in that area during the treatments which will improve as the unwinding continues.

Students and pensioners $50.00

These treatments are less regular and more complex to perform than the Progressive care – On-going treatment, as your body is constantly compensating against the unwinding process and therefore changes very little.

The structural correction occurs 10-12 times faster with treatment twice a week, compared to once a week. Patients using Protective causal – Crisis care, will feel more upright, but will not unwind effectively through old injuries.

For those that have had several months of Progressive care – On-going treatments, your body will start to function and feel better than you can ever remember! At which point the Protective causal – Crisis Care, treatment will probably make more sense to you.

ABC™ Endo Nasal initial consultation $150.00

ABC™ Endo-nasal coupled with ABC™ progressive treatment facilitates the body to fully unwind especially for patients with facial traumas.

Please note – Frequency of Endo-nasal depends on individual.

ABC™ Endo Nasal - On-going $65.00

ABC™ Care Package

We recommend ABC patients begin a Care Package*, ABC™ is a long-term treatment and requires commitment to obtain the best results.

*When setting up the Care Package we prefer to use EZYPAY, a direct debit payment for your treatments. If you happen to miss an appointment, we simply suspend the direct debit. This method saves you time and ensures our staff are available to cater to your needs.

Payment for ABC™

Please note, Hicaps claims are NOT available for patients of ABC™. Facilities including Amex are available. Department of Veterans Affairs welcomed. BarterCard accepted.

Traditional chiropractic Fees

Initial Chiropractic Fees

Initial chiropractic consultation $75.00
Students and pensioners $55.00

General Treatments

Students and Pensioners $55.00
Chiropractic Treatments $65.00

Please Note

Hicaps claims are available for patients of traditional chiropractic. Please bring your private health insurance card for Dr John Sheldrick’s treatments.

Acupuncture Fees

Appointment on Wednesdays only. Please note: Private health fund rebates available.

Roadmap to Unwinding

Advanced Bio-Structural Correction (ABC™) technique

Roadmap to Unwinding

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The initial consultation takes approximately 60-minutes and encompasses the below Completion of Current and Past Medical History Form (link to download) and a discussion with one of our specialists regarding your presenting complaint and past history.

ABC™ treatment explanation and demonstration, assessment of X-Rays (if provided), general assessments including height, balance, posture (inc. photos), range of motion and orthopaedic tests.

You then move onto your Initial On-going treatments, please note frequency varies depending on what you present with. Usually, the initial phase is about 2-3 months of intensive treatment. Patients are encouraged to start 2-3 sessions for the first two weeks, then twice weekly for the following 2-3 months of this initial phase. This is recommended as the unwinding protocol is best achieved through treatments that occur before your body has time to re-compensate. We are then able to re-assess you and provide recommendations on how to move forward, and you are able to provide us with your feedback.

If you have specific health conditions or other issues, we will take them into account when deciding on your treatment. These assessments help the chiropractor to evaluate any special needs you may have and to ensure your safety and comfort during treatment.

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