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Learn the secrets of CORE TRAINING for a strong back and how to have a pain free existence.

January 7, 2014 2:01 pm

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Back to Front is a book, written by two guys, one from a rugby background, the other from the building industry, who both suffered severe back injuries and were completely unsatisfied with the information and methods available to rid themselves of their injuries. They both decided to dedicate themselves to finding ways to live a pain free existence, one in the health industry and the other in the fitness industry, and to pass this knowledge on to others. A combination of the 2 techniques provides the most ground breaking methods ever formulated.

Unlike other publications of this sort, this one not only imparts the advice from these two experts, but helps to broaden the general public’s knowledge of all modern day treatments by giving a detailed description of what each method involves and the benefits gained from using them.

Progressive, instructional and easy to use, this book provides the tools to not only avoid back injury but also to cure existing ailments. Back to Front can be purchased from the Subiaco Chiropractic clinic. Sale price 29.95